Assistant Nurses - Lapland, Finland

Reimagine your future in Lapland

As a practical nurse at Wellbeing Services County of Lapland, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the everyday lives of your elderly patients. You will work with a team of dedicated professionals providing the best possible care for your patients as part of elderly living services teams in communities across beautiful and exotic Lapland.

A smooth landing to elderly care living services in Lapland means:

utilizing the practical nurse's special medical expertise in an independent way of working. 

 As a an assistant nurse, you start a life changing path once you arrive to Finland. You will not only work as an expert in your own field in a multiprofessional working group, but you will also participate in a free-of-charge educational path to become a practical nurse training in Finland and receive a Finnish diploma for your new status as a practical nurse.

You will work in your future place of work while completing your studies, earning a monthly paycheck and your studies are an integrated part of your working days. Theory periods are also salaried and included in working hours. You will also accrue annual vacation entitlement throughout your apprenticeship.

The Wellbeing Services County of Lapland in Finland is seeking to recruit 30 skillful and dedicated assistant nurses to full-time permanent positions, which start of as an apprenticeship and continue as a permanent employment. The recruits will be assigned to Lapland's health and wellbeing centers’ elderly living services units around the region.

Is it time to rise above the ordinary in Lapland?


The Offer?

2 076,08€/ month

with care assistant status

Salary quoted gross, i.e. BEFORE taxes and social contributions as a starting salary with care assistant status, in accordance with the collective agreement  agreement of Health and Socialcare in Municipality Sector workers  (SOTE). This salary is paid as a minimum, without shift work, once you reach care assistant status while you are taking part in the free-of-charge training with a partner educational institution.

2 403,35€ - 2 556,75€/ month
after graduation as a practical nurse

Salary quoted gross, i.e. BEFORE taxes and social contributions as a starting salary  after graduation as a practical nurse, in accordance with the collective agreement  agreement of Health and Socialcare in Municipality Sector workers  (SOTE)This salary is paid as a minimum, without shift work, once you have graduated as a practical nurse from a Finnish educational insitution and received the license to practice your profession in Finland.

Shift work (bank holidays and inconvenient hours) will be paid in accordance to the amount of such hours worked, increasing the monthly salary with approximately 20%, bringing the salary  
up to 2 884,02€/ month

... and more...

What is the offer?

A unique opportunity to start your Nordic career and reimagine your future inLapland


full-time, permanent position with 38 hours 15 minutes per week working time

Prior to licensing

A basic monthly, full-time salary of a care assistant ( 2076,08€/month before taxes & social contributions) prior to reaching your licensed status and when taking part in your apprentice ship training program in Finland. 

After recognition

After receiving your license to practice as a practical nurse  in Finland, a basic monthly salary starting from  2403,35€ to 2556,75€/ month before taxes & social contributions, see above).

Additional compensation

for inconvenient working hours (evenings, weekends, nights, holidays, alarm shifts, planned overtime & overtime) and vacation time which are paid on top of the basic monthly salary if and when applicable. A further motivational bonus of 50€ is awarded for above expectations performance.


Minimum 23 days per year starting after the first full working year acting as basis for calculations. Previous accepted work experience will add vacation days in accordance to experience years. Maximum 38 days of vacation per year based on accrued service years. 

Healthcare & insurances

Healthcare, insurances, unemployment & retirement fees and benefits are included, with comprehensive occupational healthcare program.

Smartum benefit card

is the key to the employee benefits: discounts and personal monthly amount to use in different services, such as sports, massage or culture. Yearly value is 150€, and it is given to employees whom have worked at least 6 months in their new duties. 

Holiday cottages

Holiday cottages available for rent for staff use at a discounted price in various parts of Lapland.

Flexibility at work

A flexi-bank of hours, flexible work arrangements,  possibility to work long shifts ad much needed flexibility to optimize work-life-balance. 

Life-long learning

Possibility for regular coaching and training, including career development opportunities and job-rotation as well as supportive & collaborative work environment.

Induction period

a 6 month trial period which includes an induction to your new tasks and responsibilities when you start working.

Recognition of milestones & birthdays

Different milestones & birthdays are celebrated either with additional salaried days off or a gift.

How do we support?

We understand that moving to another country is challenging, so here is how we help free-of-charge

Named mediator

A dedicated contact person who acts as your match-maker and your mediator for the entire process from beginning until arrival in Finland.


We check that your qualifications match the requirements. 


We guide in application of different records and manage the translation process if and when required.


Help to calculate and understand how much is left of your salary after taxes & social contributions on average.

Living costs

Support to understand how much are the average living costs in Lapland (Living cost in Finland).


Information about living & working in Finland with EURES advisors for planning your relocation process & required paperwork.

Mental support

Named mediator to support your progress in the program, and if needed, psychological support for stress & change management.

Training program

Intensive language and intercultural training prior to your relocation.


All required learning and study materials for your country of origin training.


Support  for your recognition of qualifications process during your training program.


Check of documents, stamps & management of the entire translation process, including free-of-charge sworn translations.


Relocation assistance,  such as helping you manage the official registrations, when it's time to move.

Spouse support

in job search and language skills prior to arrival to Finland.

Schools & daycare

Help to find jobs, schools and daycare for your family members after relocation.


Tips for settling-in after arrival.

The expectations

For you with a genuine interest and passion for nursing and a well balanced life


Diploma as an assistant nurse or as a care giver from an EU/EEA - area educational institution (2005/36/EU). 


A clean Criminal Record as required by the Finnish Law.


Minimum of 3 years of previous work experience as an assistant nurse.


An independent & responsible attitude, with good communication & team working skills. 

Commitment to training

Commitment to a free-of-charge language training program, and to study approximately 20 hrs per week in order to reach a A2.3 level of Finnish language at the end of the training.

Commitment to further education in Finland

Commitment to a free-of-charge apprenticeship program after arrival in Finland, interlinked in with paid working contract in order to receive a Finnish diploma as a practical nurse, giving opportunities to further educate to become as a registered nurse later on. 

Commitment to relocation

Commitment to relocating and starting work in Finland after reaching your target in language training.

Considered as a plus

Lower intermediate English language skills are required. 

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We are multilingual team, so we are able to help you in at least English, Greek & Spanish languages. Alternatively you can contact our matchmakers:
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    The Wellbeing Services County of Lapland

    The Wellbeing Services County of Lapland is responsible for organizing public social, health and rescue services in Northern Finland. They employ around 8,000 professionals and offer diverse job opportunities for experts in various fields.

    They operate across 17 municipalities and 4 cities, stretching from Kilpisjärvi to Tornio and Utsjoki to Kemijärvi. Lapland's unique nature and relaxed pace of life provide a fantastic setting for working and living.

    Their employees' well-being and professional development are paramount. They strive to be a reliable and humane employer that supports its staff's well-being and competence development.

    They offer a variety of job duties and the possibility to work independently. They believe in teamwork and supporting each other. The role of a nurse is highly valued and carries significant responsibility, and all employees work as equals.

      Ready for a jump in your career?

      We are looking for nurses who are passionate about teamwork and collaboration. If you're a passionate and skilled nurse looking for a rewarding career in the balance of the Nordics, we encourage you to apply today!  

      This project is done in collaboration with the Finnish Ministry of Employment, the North-Savo Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the Wellbeing Services county of Lapland & BBi Nordics.
      The Swedish EURES Targeted Mobility Schemes project is funded by the European Commission.

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