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If you’re thinking of moving to Finland, there’s plenty to look forward to. This beautiful country has something for everyone – whether it’s vibrant city life or tranquil countryside, a career-focused lifestyle or a slower pace of life. And of course, like any country, Finland also has some weird and wonderful characteristics too.

To this site we have collected the key information and features of working in Finland, so that you are able to make a sound decision whether to apply or not. And remember,  we are always here to assist.

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Working in Finland at a Glance

EUR / €

is the local currency

15 public holidays

can be found in the calendar during year 2022

08:30 to 16:30

are the normal office hours

Full-time / Part-time

& permanent / fixed are the normal contract types

80% workers

belong to unions,  which negotiate preferable working terms and conditions,  i.e. collaborative agreements. Such unions are, f.e. Super; The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses , OAJ , The Finnish Medical Association and TeHy.


 are the social contributions (social security & pension payments). 

2nd of May to 30th of September

is the summer vacation period. Normally there is from two to four weeks in the summer and the rest is held the winter (between October and March).

Sick leave

Employees who have been in service for at least a month are entitled to paid sick leave for nine working days.

After these nine days, you must provide a medical certificate from a doctor. You are then entitled to sickness allowance from the state. The amount of sickness allowance is based on your earned income. The sickness allowance is paid for a maximum period of 300 days.  

If you have been working for less than a month, you are entitled to 50% of your pay during sick leave.

Termination of a contract

Fixed term contracts cannot be terminated, unless severe misconduct can be proved. Permanent contracts can be terminated; however, the employer must give you a warning (verbal or written) followed by an opportunity to improve your performance before termination can be made. Vacation days that remain unused at the end of an employment relationship are compensated for the employee.

There is no statutory severance pay.

Finnish, Swedish, Saami

are the official languages


is the normal payroll frequency. Additional payments (shift work, work during bank holidays) are normally paid together with the following months pay.

37,5 to 40 hrs

are normal weekly working hours

6  months

is the normal probationary period


is the average tax percentage for gross income (before taxes) of 2480€ / month (depending on the municipality).  Calculate your estimated individual tax percentage here.

Health insurance

Work related health and accident insurance are mandatory in Finland,  and they are provided to you by your employer free of charge. 

2 to 2,5 days / month

is the amount of vacation days you accrue between the 1st of April of the on-going year and the 31st of March of the following year. The maximum total number of paid vacation per year is between 24 and 30 days. 

Maternity, paternity & parental leave 

You are entitled to maternity leave of 105 days (excluding Sundays).

Paternity allowance is payable during the paternity leave for 54 working days.

The parental leave begins after the maternity leave.  During the parental leave, Kela pays a parental allowance for 158 working days.

The state grants an earnings-related maternity and parental allowance, although most collective agreements require salary to be paid during the maternity leave period. 

Notice period

The notice period in Finland depends on the duration of employment and collaborative agreement, but usually between 14 days up to 1 month for employees (resignations) and between 14 days up to 6 months for employers (dismissals).


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Open positions in Finland

Nurse - Inpatient ward

Multidisciplinary and holistic patient care, preventing possible complications from illness or surgery in multi-professional collaboration using modern ways of working.

Nurse - Health center

Utilising the nurse's special medical expertise during treatment needs assessment, appointments and examinations in an independent way of working.

Nurse - Inpatient ward for the elderly

Utilising the nurse's special medical expertise during treatment needs assessment, appointments and examinations in an independent way of working.

Teacher - Early Education

Utilising the teachers's pedagogical expertise during planning, playing, evaluation and collaboration in an independent way of working in a skilled team.

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