Registered Nurses - Oncology, Midwifery, Psychiatry & ICU

Is Sweden at the end of your rainbow?

Are you a registered nurse interested in working in oncology, palliative care or midwifery? Or maybe you are passionate about psychiatry or intensive care?  Are you looking for an employer that’s passionate about supporting your career progression, and committed to enable their staff to have an optimal work-life balance? Are you interested to work at a unit where you can work as part of a committed, diverse and experienced team, and you share passion for delivering outstanding care to make a real and lasting difference to patients’ lives - then this position is for you!

These different units at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden are currently looking for registered nurses to join their different teams. In order to meet the need for specialized  and high quality care, the hospital is actively working towards increasing the amount of colleagues. You are welcomed by a professional, positive and committed team, and you will be supported by experienced colleagues in the department. Inter-professional teams consisting of specialists, physicians, nurses, social workers, nurse assistants, 
administrative secretaries and department managers all work together towards  join goal. 

    Where would you like to work?

    Unit 52 - Palliative & Curative Care

    • Unit: Oncology ward with isotope clinic & treatment with radioactive nuclei
    • Specialty: Unknown primary tumor & breast, thyroid & gastrointestinal cancer treatments and palliative care.
    • Work: Nursing work is varied, from extra care and attention to the more acute situations with.

    • Role:
      Participate in inter-professional team as a valued member.
      Team is characterized by: 
      Open, permissive, supportive & learning oriented work-environment.

    Midwifery - Obstetrics & Antenatal Care

    • Unit: Delivery, BB and / or outpatient - antenatal - unit
    • Specialty: Emergency conditions in pregnant & newly delivered women. Specialist maternity care with fetal diagnostics (ultrasound & amniocentesis).
    • Work: You are responsible  during the birth, as well as for the care of mother and child during the BB period or in the acute gynecological care. 
    • Role:  Participate in inter-professional team as a valued member.
    •  Team is characterized by: Fast-paced & educational environment where you lead and are responsible for your work.

    Psychiatry - A&D, Forensic, Psykosis & Geriatry

    • Unit: Different units, eg. Addiction & Dependency,  Forensic Psychiatry, Psykosis & Geriatric Psychiatry
    • Specialty: Specialized treatment of  different psychiatric conditions
    • Work: You are responsible of psychiatric care together with doctors & managers of the unit.
    • Role:  Participate in inter-professional team as a valued member.
      Team is characterized by:
       Fast-paced & educational environment where you lead and are responsible for your work, requiring a can-do attitude.

    Intensive Care

    • Unit: Intensive Care 

    • Specialty: High-quality intensive care with modern equipment and dedicated care teams. 
    • Work: You are responsible for high-quality intensive care carried out by dedicated care teams with high-class modern equipment.

    • Role:  Participate in inter-professional team as a valued member.
      Team is characterized by:
       Fast-paced & highly organized work environment, demanding excellent organization skills and high-levels of care.

        Our partner hospital offers:

        • Language training before you relocate

        • A permanent contract with 38,25 hours per week working time,with flexible hours. 

        • Starting monthly salary 2 500 €  (gross) + 150-300 € (gross) compensation for inconvenient working hours (evenings, weekends, nights, holidays & overtime), which are paid on top of the basic monthly salary. Good opportunities to take extra hours and receive overtime pay per hour if you wish to earn more.

        • Education alongside your work for you to be licensed as a registered nurse in Sweden after your arrival and upon reaching C1 language level in Swedish.

        • Very first salaries - until fully licensed to practice in Sweden - will be somewhat lower than mentioned above until the license to practice your profession has been granted by the Swedish officials. A license to practice is granted when you reach C1 level in Swedish. 

        • Other employment benefits for employees, such as occupational pension, insurance, free out-patient medical care, preventive care grant, etc. (Preventive care benefit is a benefit, that is directed to your health and well-being.)

        • Compensation for inconvenient working hours (evenings, weekends, nights, holidays & overtime) which are paid on top of the basic monthly salary.

        • Workshops and guidance in your area of nursing.

        • Regular supervision and continuous competence development in the form of internal training and lectures in areas relevant to your area of nursing.

        • Education and development possibilities through an individual competence development plan, e.g. opportunities to apply to carry out sub-specialization or complete university courses during paid working hours,and take part in organized in-house training to maintain & develop your nursing skills (such as CPR maintenance, radiation protection course, chemotherapy driving license, different team trainings', etc.).

        • Induction to your new tasks and responsibilities when you start working, with monthly process-oriented supervision with senior psychiatrist & clinical supervision breakfast once per month. 

        • Wonderful, competent and driven colleagues, keen to offer the best care for the patients. 

        • Home finding & relocation assistance from a personal settling-in consultant from the HR department for you and your family.

        • Help to register your children in a school or kindergarten

        • Support with authorization of your nursing degree in Sweden

        • Social activities through the year, such as cozy Friday-breakfasts with your team and different lecturers, visitors and educators.

        ... and more

        We expect you to have:

        • Have a license to practice your profession within the field of nursing as a registered or as a specialized nurse, and this license was granted to you by European Union country officials.
        • Have 3 years of experience working in the area of  nursing you are applying to after finalizing your studies, and  to have a genuine interest in the patient group in question.

        We expect you to to commit:

        You to commit to the free-of-charge language training provided in your home country with a goal to reach a minimum of B2 level of the target language (Swedish) at the end of the training in the home country.

        After relocation, you also commit to continue your language studies alongside work until you reach C1 level in the target language. This training  in Sweden will be done during your working hours at the time of your induction period.

        The hospital hopes to make long-term recruitment's and wish that once you decide to start this journey, you are committed to work at least 3 years after arrival and start of work. This is a great period to really see how life in your new home country is once you have settled. 

        We are looking for nurses who are:

        • Organized  - you will be asked to take initiative and manage your paperwork prior to completing the application process. Is it your cup of tea?
        • Active listeners  - you will be given loads of different guidelines in order to assist you in your journey towards the Nordics. Can you tune in and listen?
        • Decided and motivated - this is a commitment for a minimum of two years. Are you "game on"?
        • Adapt in communicating with colleagues and in meetings with different professionals, patients and relatives.

        More information:

        Flexible working hours and a convenient location in central Gothenburg make work easy. The work is development oriented with great opportunities to combine clinical work with professional development. Individual training and supervision are part of our working culture.

        Sahlgrenska University Hospital, on the west coast of Sweden, is one of northern Europe's largest hospitals with about 17,400 employees. Together, the staff creates care of the highest quality with the patient in focus. With great commitment and constant learning, Sahlgrenska is one of the country's leading university hospitals. They provide everything from county health care to national highly specialized care. Through interesting research, they have focused in the healthcare of the future.

        With Sahlgrenska, it is important to have digital competence and contribute to the digital development. The staff takes advantage of the breadth of knowledge and experience they have in common - Together with you, they want to create value for their patients  All vacancies are tailored to fit different skill levels, prior experience and your individual interests.

        Ready to experience the Northern miracle?

         Moving to a new country is a big step and we are committed to make sure that your journey will be as simple as possible. We will support you all the way from the very beginning always until you have settled in to your new home country and job.

        In order to make sure that you will feel at home, we always hope to find the best match to both you and the hiring employer.