Terveystalo Location - Sysmä


Since Stone Age

Sysmä is located in Päijät-Häme region, pocketed as a part of Salpausselkä Unesco Global Geopark.  Three special geosites tell about geological past - not only it’s natural beauty, but it’s history as well. Sysmä is a known area of iron age permanent population.  The area has been populated since Stone Age, but Iron Age population areas showcase sacrificial stones, burial sites and low barrows.

Sysmä is a place where it is easy to manage your everyday life, easy to get around. Everything is close to you and it's easy to get familiar with fellow residents. Sysmä is a perfect place to raise a family. It’s safe with good services, such as a kindergarten and a brand-new school. There are a lot of hobbies for children to enjoy. For singles the area offers opportunities to enjoy the history and nature, concerts and bars, a movie theatre and dances.

As a rural community, Sysmä offers the lowest taxation in Päijät-Häme region, and real estate is nearly 20% cheaper than in Helsinki area. If you live in the centre are of Sysmä it is very easy to get from one place to another by bicycle or by foot, so you can ditch your car keys and get a breath of fresh air instead.

Living in a place where The Viking age is particularly well represented with low taxation, is that for real?

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Sysmä at a Glance

Features of Sysmä



people live here and are proud about their heritage.

~ 100 km

or an hours drive to the closest cities of Lahti, Kouvola,  Mikkeli and Hämeenlinna.

Growing little town

in mid-Finland with job openings for tourism industry (restaurant workers, chefs, waitresses), agriculture workers,  & health care professionals.

Living in Sysmä


Full school path

from daycare to primary and secondary school, including high school.


with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities throughout the year.  

Car is recommended

but  dowtown is accessible by foot or bicycle.

Living costs in Sysmä


Cheaper than big cities

with affordable housing. E.g. doctors appointments (general doctor or dentist) are about 20€/ visit.

From 550€ to 1 000€

are the monthly rents including heating, building services and basic home appliances.


is the tax percentage of this municipality.

The estimated percentage of deductions (including taxes & social contributions) for an income of 2 500€/ month before taxes is about 23% for a person whom is part of a congregation, born in 1992 and single.

Päijänne region

Easy Living, space to breathe, room to roam... Like a fantasy, right?

It doesn't need to be. Don’t compromise on your dreams, but find your true home midst of middle of nature on a lake shore in Päijänne!  Active lifestyle, all basic services,  affordable living costs and the nature around you will lead you to a relaxed high quality life. Hobbies and sports clubs for kids and adults, schools and health care services combined with nature around you are the basis of this relaxed life style and high quality of life.

Let Päijänne shine!


Open positions in Sysmä

Nurse - Inpatient ward

Multidisciplinary and holistic patient care, preventing possible complications from illness or surgery in multi-professional collaboration using modern ways of working.

Nurse - Health center

Utilizing the nurse's special medical expertise during treatment needs assessment, appointments and examinations in an independent way of working.


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