Terveystalo Location - Puolanka


The Most Pessimistic Municipality
(in the happiest country of the world)

If you tend to think the worst is about to happen, then Puolanka is THE place for you.

Puolanka municipality offers you enjoyable everyday life in the embrace of clean nature. Puolanka is a family-oriented municipality offering good opportunities for outside sports – especially during wintertime with certainty of snow and new ice-skating ring. Their brand-new sports hall with a gym offers modern spaces for those interested in exercising no matter the weather. For the residents, they also offer courses via the local community college and free-of-charge library services.

It is easy to find accommodation in this area. and the entire school path from early education up to secondary school (high school) with small classroom sizes and individual attention to each of the municipalities children, is key factor for famlilies. In Puolanka special attention is paid to the well-being and belonging of each child, ensuring safe environment promoting healthy growth.

The municipality has activities for children, youth, adults and elderly in the form of different events, cultural activities and trips. Puolanka is also world known for its quirky sense of humour through the Pessimistic Society.

You still have time to turn away (but we believe you shouldn’t)

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Puolanka at a Glance

Features of Puolanka



people live here and are proud to be pessimists.

~ 100 km

or an hours drive to the closest city,  Kajaani. Oulu, with an international airport, is 125 km away.

Growing little town

in Kainuu with job openings for professional drivers (lorries and trucks), chefs, waitresses, agriculture workers, drivers of machines, sales personnel, ski centre personnel & health care professionals

Living in Puolanka


Full school path

from daycare to primary and secondary school, including lukio.


with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities throuhout the year.  

Ditch your car keys

because dowtown is accessible by foot or bicycle. Car is recommended for fluent access to Kajaani and Oulu

Living costs in Puolanka


Cheaper than big cities

with affordable housing. E.g. doctors appointments (general doctor or dentist) are about 20€/ visit.

From 350€ to 680€

are the monthly rents including heating, building services and basic home appliances.


is the tax percentage of this municipality.

The estimated percentage of deductions (including taxes & social contributions) for an income of 2 500€/ month before taxes is about 25% for a person whom is part of a congregation, born in 1992 and single.

Kainuu region

Easy Living, space to breathe, room to roam... Like a fantasy, right?

It doesn't need to be. Don’t compromise on your dreams, but find your true home midst of middle of nature on a lake shore in Kainuu!  Active lifestyle, all basic services,  affordable living costs and the nature around you will lead you to a relaxed high quality life - the Kainuu Lifestyle. Hobbies and sports clubs for kids and adults, schools and health care services combined with nature around you are the basis of this relaxed life style and high quality of life.

Let Kainuu win you over!


Open positions in Puolanka

Nurse - Inpatient ward

Multidisciplinary and holistic patient care, preventing possible complications from illness or surgery in multi-professional collaboration using modern ways of working.

Nurse - Health center

Utilizing the nurse's special medical expertise during treatment needs assessment, appointments and examinations in an independent way of working.

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