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Destination street art

Kannelmäki is a residential area within the Finnish capital city - Helsinki, surrounded by excellent outdoor recreation opportunities, just a 15-minute train ride from Helsinki Central Railway Station. With a population of 13 000, Kannelmäki offers various daycare centres, schools, shopping opportunities, cultural services, a youth centre, adult education centre and social & health services.

Kannelmäki – or “Kantsu” – as known by the locals has been built over several decades, which can be seen in the different types of houses and buildings of the area. Kannelmäki is also known as a hot-spot for high quality street art. The local cultural centre offers a variety of different types of events and courses through out the year ranging from cooking to music.

Due to great public transport connections, it is easy to choose to live in another part of the most northern capital city in Europe. Helsinki is known for its Design district, multitude of concerts, plenitude of hobbies and the one third principle: one third of water, one third of nature and one third of infrastructure. Helsinki is a miniature of a metropolitan offering the ease of everyday life in a little-big city. 

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Helsinki at a Glance

Features of Helsinki


658 854

people live here and are proud to be from Helsinki.

~ 0 km

or 15 min commuter train ride from Kannelmäki district to Helsinki down-town.

Growing little capital

with job openings for ICT professional,    chefs, waitresses, professional drivers,  etc.   

Living in Helsinki


Full school path

up to university level,  with the best selection in the entire country,  but big classroom sizes.


with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities throuhout the year.  

Ditch your car keys

becausepublic transport works excellently. 

Living costs in Helsinki


The capital

with capital area prices

From 650€ to 1200€

are the monthly rents of a studio including heating, building services and basic home appliances.


is the tax percentage of this municipality.

The estimated percentage of deductions (including taxes & social contributions) for an income of 2 500€/ month before taxes is about 22% for a person whom is part of a congregation, born in 1992 and single.


Enjoying city life, but would love to have a safe environment and the great outsdoors at your doorstep?

It is all possible in Helsinki  - the 9th most livable city in all of the world. Take the best of the best, and find your new home in Helsinki.  


Open positions in Kannelmäki

Nurse - Health center

Utilizing the nurse's special medical expertise during treatment needs assessment, appointments and examinations in an independent way of working.

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