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Are you a Finnish company looking to hire international talents? We at BBi Nordics have joint forces with Fixably and other bright stars in the Finnish start-up sky, and are looking to help Ukrainian developers to find work and a new start in Finland. 

We are inviting you to take part in this recruiting challenge, in order to provide easy access to full-time, permanent positions for Ukrainian women, whom are looking for ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. What is a better way than to reach out and offer a bridge, while making sure that they have a decent income and a safe place for the children to grow?

Are you:

  • Presenting an employer from the Finnish gaming, tech or ICT industry?
  • Looking to hire non-EU developers and / or other specialist staff?
  • Willing to invest some time and some money (both very reasonable) in order to help?

If yes,  then:

Welcome to join Fixably & BBi Nordics in our challenge to make a difference.

Our aim is to collect and pre-screen suitable CV's to your HR's whom need to act quickly, and think on their feet. You will carry out the absolutely needed, short & concise interviews - most likely via apps such as WA, Messenger or the likes - in order for you to be able to decide, and off we go.

We will guide you through the ever changing regulatory situation,and keep you up to date. You will receive guidelines and you need to be able to act fast if and when necessary. 

What you need to offer:

  • Permanent, full-time, local contract in Helsinki, Finland with a competitive salary (starting from 3 000€/month before taxes)

  • 37,5 to 40 hrs / week working time, with up to 30 days of fully paid vacations per year.

  • Support and training and be ready to help no matter what the challenge

  • Support for the work permit & relocation, of the candidate & their children, including covering the costs of these services &.

  • All other benefits offered to all of your staff such as healthcare, opportunities to distant work, etc. 


What you will receive:

  • Free-of-charge visibility to your company
  • Free-of-charge recruitment service, including a spot in the joint post, pre-screening based on your criteria and support for your company from our experts in regards crisis-situation on-boarding
  • Excellent & committed new employees, facing the hardest situation of their lives

We expect the candidates to have:

  • Have a University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar field,
  • Have at least 1+ year of previous experience as a developer with success 
  • At least very good skills in English
  • passion for SW development


It is good to have in mind that this is not your everyday recruitment. People will be arriving from crisis situation, and they will have worry about their loved ones.

Before reaching out to us, we kindly advice you to stop, think a bit & ask yourselves: ARE YOU READY?

Did you recognize yourself from the description?
We understand that this time is very challenging for Ukrainians, so we are committed to making sure that their journey will be as smooth as possible. We will support both of you all the way, from the very beginning until your candidate has settled.

Are you looking to help out Ukrainians and would like to accept this challenge from us?
Send us a message via the APPLY -button below, and we will be in touch with you with further details.