Dermatology Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

Are you a dermatologist looking for a rewarding career opportunity in Sweden? 

As a dermatologist Sweden, you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and challenging environment, providing care and support to patients alongside other healthcare professionals. In addition to the satisfaction of helping others, career in Sweden also offers a number of benefits: a competitive salary, generous benefits package and opportunities for career advancement. With Sweden's high standard of living, beautiful natural landscapes and vibrant cities, there is no shortage of occasions to enjoy all that this country has to offer.

We are seeking dedicated and compassionate dermatologists to join our our partners team!

The clinic

A clinic in Stockholm, Sweden is currently looking for 2 specialist dermatologists to join their team permanently.  You will work as a team with other specialists and nurses delivering patient-centered care to those in need. Career growth and development opportunities through access to the latest medical technologies and treatment methods, as well as ongoing training, will offer you a fullfilling professional life. The Clinic is committed to providing the highest level of patient care.

Your role will be to diagnose and treat patients with different types of skin conditions and diseases. The clinic is known for its' high quality care and holistic approach towards patients. 

We are looking for specialists who are:

Team players - you will work in a team that consists ofother specialists, nurses and healthcare workers.

Keen to develop professionally  - the employer offers many development possibilities and wants to make sure that the staff has the best possible competencies and skills.

Decisive and motivated - the employer is looking for permanent staff members; this is a long term commitment.

The Offer:

  • A permanent position with 38,25 hours per week working time. 

  • Starting salary is negotiated individually, and additional compensation for high  performance is paid on top of the basic monthly salary. Good opportunities to  receive more patients if you wish to earn more.

  • Education alongside your work for you to be licensed as a registered medical sspecialist in Sweden after your arrival and upon reaching C1 language level in Swedish.

  • Workshops and guidance in working within the Swedish healthcare system

  • Regular supervision and continuous competence development in the form of internal training and lectures in areas relevant to your specialty

  • Home finding & relocation assistance

How we assist & support you?

  • Help to calculate and understand how much is left of your salary after taxes & social contributions
  • Help to understand the general cost level in the area where you would relocate to, once we have a match for you
  • Help & assistance to apply for any available financial support for your  & your family's relocation
  • Free-of-charge language & intercultural training prior to your relocation
  • Education & training alongside your work for you to be licensed as a registered nurse in Sweden after your arrival  
  • Home finding & relocation assistance when it's time to move
  • Help to find jobs, schools and daycare for your family members after relocation
  • Tips for settling-in after arrival

We expect you to:

  • have a license to practice your profession within EU and in the field of medicine as a specialist doctor of dermatology and this license has been granted to you by European Union country officials.
  • have minimum 3 years of experience working in the area dermatology after finalizing your specialization.
  • have a genuine interest in the patient group.
  • commit to the free-of-charge training provided in your home country prior to your relocation with a goal to reach a minimum of C1 level of the target language at the end of the training.


Looking for an employer that’s passionate about supporting your career progression, and committed to its employees having an optimal work-life balance? We encourage you to apply today!